Saturday, September 11, 2010

Savanna's Perspective on The Crucible

  Hello again!I'm sorry Heather hasn't written much lately, but she hasn't gotten back to me on blogging either. So, while she has a blast at Night of Joy with her new boyfriend, I stay at home reading articles for AP U.S. History, reading The Scarlett Letter for AP Language, AND working on my concentrations for AP Art 2D. yes, there is such a thing as AP Art. It ROCKS, and I'm one of 9 people at our school picked to take it =D
  BUT ANYWAY! Last week in AP English (aka Language) we read The Crucible. I thought it was a well written, very interesting play. However. I hate, no, I despise and loathe every single character in the book. Aside from John Proctor's wife, who no one (including me) remembers the name of later.
  I do not reccomend reading this play for pleasure, because it is not a fun story. Every single character has a bad quality. Except Proctor's wife. (I'll call her Elizabeth, it sounds right) Firstly, there's Abigail. SHE SUCKS. She's a little lying creeper who wants to steal John Proctor from poor, sickly Elizabeth. (Not like I'm sticking up for John either, that lying cheating unfaithful...)
  There's the reverend, but he doesn't have the courage to stick up for Elizabeth when he knows what's right. There's the judges, but they're obviously idiots for going through with everything the girls say. There's the poor slave Tabitua, (I hope that's spelled right) who confesses but is too dumb to realize that she could have turned Abigail in all along. There's Mary, who could have turned Abigail in, but instead went along with the lies, just like the rest of those smelly girls. There's the townspeople- but hey, none of them helped either!
  So in the end, John Proctor's butt is saved because his wife is prego and she won't be hung. Yet. And you think that it'll all be ok, but then HE gets exicuted too. And so he dies- I'll admit, I did kinda like him, even though he cheated on Elizabeth. He did love her. BUT instead of the ending you expect, ABIGAIL RUNS AWAY AND GETS AWAY WITH THE MURDERS OF WHO KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE AND DOESN'T GET HUNG.
  Well. Now that I'm done ripping my copy of The Crucible into shreds, I'll sign off. I hope Heather has something to say on this story... I'll be back next week when I finish The Scarlett Letter. Savanna out.

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  1. I think you got all the names right... I know Elizabeth is right. I think it's funny that like no one remembers her name though... Ha. Everyone got a 100 on the mock witch trial! =D
    Something I didn't add in my part of the blog... The worst part of this play was the part where John Proctor was told to name off the ten commandments, and forgot "thou shalt not commit adultery." I cringed so bad. As in, I curled up in the fetal position and went "UNNNGGGHHH" at his stupidity.