Sunday, November 28, 2010

Heather's Perspective on The Red Badge of Courage

Hmm... Haven't heard from Savanna in a while. Savannaaaaa, where are youuuuuu??
Ah well. The Red Badge of Courage:
In my opinion, it was written very boringly. There was some cool symbolism, which was... Well, cool. For example Henry wanted a wound to prove to everyone that he was fighting his part: a "red badge of courage." But for the most part, it was basically a hodgepodge of random battles. The battles didn't even have real meaning; he explained nothing about who they were fighting or what they were fighting for. The author just babbled on about the fighting, and the people around Henry being wounded. He said nothing about patriotism, standing up for what you believe in, fighting for your country, etc.
He did, however, talk a lot about fighting for the other people in Henry's regiment. Some patriotism.
Sorry, imaginary followers... My writing is just not up to snuff today. Let's pretend I wrote a great review about the things that I liked and was bothered by in this book, and move on with life.
Heather out.

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